We know what politicians are saying to the media, and what’s being reported, but what are they actually saying on the floor of parliament?

Government involves a lot of individual administration, research, and consulting, but as we know members also sit regularly to discuss and / or vote on issues currently relevant to the government, like a giant staff meeting, but one where everyone has a vote.

If you would you like to know what they are discussing in parliament, but are not available to watch it during the day;

Question time and other parliamentary videos can be found here: About the house TV

They have also been uploaded to youtube: Youtube Australian Parliament question time

Would you like to know what has been said in parliament but hope to never again hear the voice of another politician?
Or perhaps you just prefer things in the written form?

A Hansard is a transcript of parliamentary sittings.

If I am elected I will also endeavour to provide a concise summary of what was said, leaving out the waffle and discussing the points raised.