We need to talk about waste.

For a long time we dealt with our waste, and our recycling, by sending it overseas for other countries to deal with.
In the same way regional communities don't appreciate the prospect of a mega tip in their local area specifically to deal with waste from nearby cities; communities overseas have complained about having to deal with ours.
As such we are no linger able to export our waste products, and we need to manage our own waste here, in Australia.

Our options include:

A) A lot more very large rubbish tips. To be frank, I don’t know many people who wish for that to occur in their neighbourhood.

B) Get serious about recycling. This simply makes sense. Providing increased infrastructure to the regions would allow the development of modern clean recycling facilities to be established.
Different areas could specialise in different products, e.g. glass, Paper, plastic, foil, compost.
This would increase job opportunities in regional areas around the country, with the infrastructure and recycling jobs supporting the growth of further businesses within the area.
And long term, as commodities become more expensive, it would save us money and place us at forefront of production.
But we would need to become serious about separating our recycling, and that would require an innovative approach.

Regional Infrastructure;
Long term self sufficiency in commodities;
And a cleaner image to negotiate with on the global stage.