Voice to Parliament

“You are in me and I am a part of you" (Stan Grant, Talking to my Country, 2016)
I grew up in a different world, had a different childhood to Stan Grant. Yet within the same country. As a child I climbed the rocks, I swam the rivers, I breathed the trees. I felt the land and I pondered the past. And rarely, yet sporadically, I received glimpses of the recent past; through conservations, through books, through observation. Perhaps I lived a different childhood to you, or perhaps you had similar experiences.

We need to accept the work required to heal our country. For they are in us, and we are in them. This is Australia. We are Australian. If they are broken, then we are broken.

The path to healing may not be a clear track, it may be overgrown and we might sometimes wander down a wallaby track to a dead end. But wherever we are, we can find east, and if we decide to head to new dawn of cohesion, then we can set our compass and walk together, through sunshine and through rain, through clearing and through scrub.

From Bourke to the Kimberley and around Australia, it has been shown that positive community outcomes are achieved when we let local elders take the lead, support them in their plans, goals and ideas.
The Makarrata Commission is important, and I strongly support the call of an indigenous voice to parliament.