Good work by Minister Gee.
When his government only agreed to budget for a 1/3rd of the necessary funds to clear the backlog 60,000 vet affairs claims, he fought hard and successfully received the necessary funds. That kind of passion and dedication to an important issue is needed.

  • We need to resolve veterans affairs claims in a timely manner. This requires funding and a permanent work force (it is mostly casuals at the moment).
  • We must to engage with veterans and listen to what resources they find helpful and act to create the availability of those resources.
  • We also need to speak with current former serving members to determine what resources or processes might assist them in a smooth transition to civilian life.
  • We need to ensure current and former serving personnel have access to independent psychologists who are focused on the member.
  • Our serving members do a difficult and invaluable service to our country, and it beholden on us to ensure we have a strong healthy and functional military and provide all necessary support during and beyond their service.