Oil security

Did you know we produce and refine oil here in Australia?
20 years ago we had 8 oil refineries which supplied nearly all of our domestic product. As of the end of this month, we will be down to two.

Up until 2000, we were self sufficient in oil production. Currently we import 90% of our needs. In the future we can expect that we will not be so reliant on oil to function as a society. But we are not there yet. We do currently have 3 years of fuel stores, to get us through tough times (it is expected that we may experience much worse than current), but those stores are held in the US, so need to be transported here to utilise.Ironically, we do store oil for the US army.
We need to have a clear plan to reduce our dependence on oil, for the sake of our future independence, but we also need to invest temporary security measures to get us through the next 10 years.