Let’s bring governance back to the people.

Did you know that even when backed by signatures from the majority of the community’s population, community members can wait 6-9 months at least to talk to the relevant MP?

Meanwhile a large multinational organisation can pick up the phone and have a meeting with them the next day?

In a democratic nation, voters should be able to have some input; and more than once every 3 years.

Changing the donation laws will go a long way to rectifying this imbalance of representation.
However, a large rural area like the electorate of Lyne needs a little more on the ground as well. For a single office, Taree is a good central location. However, a good third or more of our electorate is going to have difficulty attending Taree, particularly during working hours.

I propose 4-5 smaller offices spread across the electorate, where people can drop in and voice their concerns, ask any questions, or just have a chat. Given the multiple locations, the office may only be open a couple of days a week but would also need to be open at least one weekend a month, and the proximity would allow better access for the whole community.

The electorate of Indi runs a volunteer program that allows people in it’s community to volunteer for one week in their parliamentary office and get a behinds the scenes look at what happens and how parliament works. I would definitely be keen to set this up, Parliament is about representing people and they should have chance to see what goes on.