China – Where do I stand?

This is actually too serious to be politicised. And much as I wish it was all just election politics, that could be completely resolved at our end, all indications are that this is not the case. International currents may be too far gone to redirect, but hopefully not.
We need to actively prepare for the worst and work hard for the best. China claims to be against interfering in other nations, but those trade sanctions used to try and hold us to the 14 demands? We are not the only country to experience these tactics. At least 9 other countries around the world have had the same experience, from the Philippines to Japan to Norway to Canada. Lithuania has experienced a complete ban on all trade.
The islands they built in waters that are not recognised as theirs? They took those oceans from others nationalities. They then promised not to militarise the islands, but they have. There is a lot more, but it all points in a concerning direction.
Right now the possibility of war with China is more than political hubris, and may occur. In which case we should fight, and fight to win (start with the Uighurs if you are unsure of the outcome of losing, along with many other issues).
Win or lose, such a war would be devastating. For us, and for the world.
I would never agree to endagering the sovereignty of our nation, but I don’t believe in reckless taunting nor a refusal to engage in diplomatic negotiations.
If there is an alternative path that is neither submission nor aggression, we should seek to find it. As stated, war would be disastrous for all sides.
Chinese people are people just like us. On the home front we would also need to protect our new immigrants and Australian nationals of Asian descent from attacks based on fear which could be expected to eventuate during such an horrifying time.

The situation is serious, and in both diplomacy and defence, there is much to be done.