Aged care

This is specifically a federal government responsibility.

Are you aware that an AIN is trade qualified? -yes to the same level as an electrician. But they are paid unskilled wages. When a facility is really short staffed these roles will be filled with unqualified people, as any hands are better than no hands. And they will give their best, and work with a qualified person, but our elderly will not do not receive the same quality of care. This unskilled assistance is also basically the same pay, because we are already paying our skilled staff unskilled rates.

Aged care residents have some of the most complicated medical and assistance needs that you will find in healthcare. yet they have less staff to assist them, and registered nurses are responsible for large number of residents, yet paid around 30% less than their hospital peers.

If you want good care, you need good staff. And if you want good staff you need to treat them with respect.

The Royal Commission into Aged care identified serious issues in the industry.
Ultimately, the underlying reason for nearly every issue came back to understaffing and low wages. Yet these are the two issues that have been studiously avoided. They have even cut allied health support to aged care just recently further exacerbating the staffing crisis.

To effectively address the problems with aged care, we need to implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission, starting with pay increases and minimum staffing levels.

If we wish our loved ones to receive compassionate quality care we need to address this.
The local issue of Anglicare in Bulahdelah highlights the problem of making aged care purely about corporate profit. Along with negotiating with Anglicare and fighting to save the Bulahdelah facility, the laws and processes need to be studied to determine how this occured so as to prevent future repetitions. Shuffling aged care residents off to a distant mass facility where family and friends can rarely visit is simply not an acceptable outcome.

Our aged care workers do an amazing job, with a lot of hard work and with little thanks. They are some of the most caring and compassionate people in our society. This is a fight I will not stop fighting.

**It has just been announced the budget will include funding to reduce the use of medical restraints in Aged Care. This is an important issue. Approaching this issue without first supplying more staff and better work conditions means the outcome is likely to be insufficient care for the resident, more staff burnout, more staff injuries, and aggression and intrusion to other residents. We need to implement the findings of the royal commission. And the first two points that will make everything else feasible is more staff and better pay, there is an absolute avoidance of these two issues, but they are fundamental to fixing our aged care services. Aged care staff work extremely hard and are some of the most caring people you will meet, and the residents some of the most vulnerable in society. The all deserve more. We also need more accountability and transparency regarding how aged care providers are spending their government funding. Government money should go towards residents. Not wealth accumulation. Laws need to be assessed as to how to respond to a breach of public trust when a company is entrusted with the care of a community service. – What happened at Bulahdelah should not be legal.**