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This issue underpins every other issue in federal politics. If you are concerned about any issue, and you want your MP’s to take the time to listen to the electorate, then you need this issue to be addressed. We must make it illegal to purchase the policy decisions of federal politicians.

Is this really a big issue in Australia?

YES! - $68 MILLION Dollars in UNDECLARED donations to the major parties in the last year alone.

That’s $68 million that has been legally donated from unknown sources. How do we deal with the buying off of political expenditure when it is currently legal to do so?
Weirdly, our political donation laws are some of the worst in the democratic world.

And that is just the start.

What can be done to change it?

Quite a lot actually.
More detail

How does Parliament work, and what’s currently happening in Federal Parliament?

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Other policy issues:

Aside from the corruption issues, there is a lot that needs to be done and most of it, done quickly. Let’s start here:

You can link to any of these. There really is a lot, but that’s the government’s job. To manage our nation. Do you think I’ve covered the biggest concerns of today? Or have a missed something important to you? Please let me know. :)


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